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International Fanclub

International fanclub

Following her first EVER live performance in Europe (last July, 7th 2019), would you consider interested if Ai’s team open her fanclub overseas?
From 1st of June, 2020, a new fanclub will be opened for ¥300/month (about €2,5/$2,7): LOVE9CUBERS.

Currently, her LOVE9CUBE PREMIUM allows her members to receive:

  • an original fanclub card,
  • a photobook (once a year, which contains live photos, offshots, various topics and drawings/messages from Ai Otsuka herself),
  • greeting cards (for Christmas, new year, etc.),
  • goodies on sale only for her fanclub (necklaces, tote bags, etc.),
  • presale live concert tickets before anyone else,
  • special event (live concerts, meet and greet, etc.),
  • special bonus on her album/single releases (exclusive DVD/Blu-ray contents, songs, etc.)

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Special goodies (photobooks, greeting cards, presents, etc.)Pre-sale live ticketsExclusive live concertsMeet & greetExclusive songs and DVD/Blu-ray contents

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